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Customized packing services to crate services for fragile items

Why To Choose A1 For Packing Services ?

Moving is the most personal experience and you will feel heartbroken when you have to leave a piece behind you that is very close to your heart like a PIANO. Leave it to us if you wish to relocate your piano! If you have planned a move, you are going to need expert advice from a professional piano moving company near you like A1 Global Logistics. Let’s understand different packing plans for your household or office goods.

Full Packing Plan: Alleviate stress and save time, money and effort with our full packing services. No matter the destination, size or number of goods, leave all the packing to A1 Global Logistics – piano movers near you.

Customized Packing Plan: We help you customize a packing plan to suit your unique moving needs. Packing is the key when it comes to a successful move so why not customize your packing plan with us!

DIY Packing Plan: You pack what you need and we fragile wrap all your furniture and other important goods for you. We help you load and then unload all your belongings at your new location.

A1 Global is best for your Piano Moving

If there is one thing about moving we know best, it is how bulky and heavy pianos are to be moved to your desired location. Our team is equipped and properly trained for moving these expensive, large and fragile instruments without causing any harm. Good packing is essential for a stress-free move and we are the best piano movers near you who use durable moving boxes, padding, wrap and tape to prepare your piano move.

What A1 do in Crate Services

A1 Global Logistics provides specially tailored crate solutions to accommodate your needs. We offer customized crating services for fragile or specialty goods such as pianos, valuable artwork, antiquities, large mirrors and glass table-tops, treasured paintings and many more.
If you are interested in professional packing and crate services by A1 Global Logistics, let us help create a customized and personalized packing plan that meets all your unique needs. From full packing services to partial service and unpacking options, we can handle your move with ease.

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The overall service of A1 Global Logistics was excellent. Outstanding customer service from Ms. Faye Alarcon, Ms. Darlene Buenaventura, and Mr. Jonathan Noche and his crew. If I have my own company, definitely I will have this people to be on my team. Thank you. Keep up the excellent service.

Renato Frias

Great job, they’re helpful, nothing broken. “Highly” recommended

Delia Moushis

The crew was very professional, courteous, and extremely respectful of our house & property when packing & loading. Great job and excellent customer service!!!

Andrea Huston

Very organized, efficient, and polite. They did a very good wrapping & packing the furniture. I have moved many times, and this was best.

Edward Denion

Great work!!! Everybody works like a team!!! Excellent service!!!

Jose Esguerra

Your service was outstanding and professional!

Robert Jefferson

Jun, Rio & Mel performed their work in an exemplary manner, professional, courteous, and caring with the household goods they moved. I’m very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them to all diplomatic moves here in the Philippines – Thank you & well done!

Lydon Ilasin

A1 Global was professional & efficient in handling their portion of my shipment.Unpacking team was timely, polite, and very efficient. Thanks so much to Jonathan Noche & his great team

Brett Blackshaw

I will definitely refer A1 Global to my staff at Brunei & US Embassy and All Asean countries and delegates. A1 Global staff was professional, efficient and very clean and fast. They only had 1 truck which work back and forth as they loaded. Because of traffic they were unable to return to meet 5PM deadline, so we needed to extend to the next day not the fault of A1 Global staff. Edwin is an excellent head of staff and Manager was very helpful”

Dr. Winlove B. Suasin

M.D/Head of Department,The Brunei Cancer Centre

Any Questions?

Are there any extra fees I need to be aware of?

Some moving companies will charge for things like: strangely shaped or awkward items; a residence that’s not easily accessible for a large moving truck or van and requires shuttle service; condos or high-rises with elevator and load restrictions; and loads that need to be hand carried over a certain distance. You may also be expected to pay fuel surcharges or transportation surcharges. If your items need to be stored, additional fees like warehouse handling charges may apply. Find out in advance so you can be prepared and avoid any surprises.

How is the cost of my shipment calculated?

If you are moving long distance to a new state, the charges may be based on the weight of your shipment and mileage. These are referred to as the transportation charges. If moving internationally by sea the shipment is calculated based on the volume and if by air is based on airline chargeable weight, whichever is higher. There are a variety of different charges that could appear on your estimate, so be sure to ask the mover to explain each item charge for you.

What can’t we bring?

Packing perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in your household goods without your mover’s knowledge is not a good idea. Seemingly innocent items such as nail polish remover, paint and automotive maintenance products can limit their liability if something goes wrong, so be sure you know which items are on the hazardous materials list. And if you choose to pack your own boxes and the articles get damaged, it may be more difficult to establish your claim against the mover for those boxes.

How do you pack fragile or high-value items?

Fragile items should be those defined by you to be breakable or high-value (such as dishes, glassware, artwork, fragile furniture, mirrors, etc.). Ensure that all the items in your home are packed by experts using the most up-to-date packing methods and materials in the industry.

How will I know where my shipment is once it leaves my home?

Our Customer service team will provide you with a unique login name and ID once your shipment is packed and you will be able to track your shipment in our website.

As Filipino Returning Citizen, will our household goods be subject to tax?

Yes & No.. All incoming shipments to the Philippines is subject to 100% duties and taxes, however there are several categories that you might fall under in order to avail tax exemption. Please kindly download attached file for more information.




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